Cinderella in a white gown, sitting in a shabby room, gazing as if daydreaming

Ella’s desperate to see Prince Char one last time before his mother forces him to marry. But the magic spell that wove Ella’s gown and created her horse-drawn coach expires at midnight. She needs to hustle or she’ll be walking home in rags.

Char intends to marry Ella, rags or not. He’s eager for a tryst in her mysterious pumpkin-shaped coach. But when they lose track of the time, things get a bit… sticky.

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About Me

vintage drawing of Cinderella sitting by the fire in a dreary kitchen, looking at her one glass slipper

I grew up on fairy tales. When I first tried writing romance, it’s natural that what emerged was like a fairy tale, with two differences:

  1. My stories don’t end with only a kiss, and
  2. I’m interested in plots that empower my heroines.

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About My Debut Novel

When Princess Rose is sold in marriage, one person can save her: the suitor her father didn’t choose. But Dustan has secrets: he may not be a prince… or human.

Part fairy tale, part social revolution, Rose Fair follows the imprisoned princess Rose as she’s enchanted by one suitor, kidnapped by another, and eventually freed to find her own way outside the castle, where she sets about rescuing those in need, overthrowing the monarchy, and finding her way back to her true love.

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drawing of bouquet of roses and peonies with butterflies