The Woodland Stranger

The Woodland Stranger book and on a tablet, showing a drawing of two men in a forest setting, with one holding out a flower to the other, who looks down shyly

Whoever said, Don’t talk to strangers?

Burne hid behind a tree. He wanted to talk to the man picking flowers at the edge of the forest but he was too nervous. And now the man is gone.

Next time, he promises himself as he retreats into the trees. Next time he’ll talk to the handsome stranger. But next time will be sooner than he thinks. Because the stranger is Gray, a fairy who’s now following him home. And Gray’s got more on his mind than talking. Would a fairy that beautiful ever want someone like him? Stranger things have happened. Read more.

Cozy fantasy romance?

Since I began writing romance, I’ve wondered where my stories fit in. They have a central love story (romance) and they’re set in a fantasy world (fantasy), but they’re lighthearted and not terribly violent.

I found myself thinking, “They’re what fantasy heroines take to read when they go on vacation”—the beach read of the fantasy world. I considered “fantasy chick lit” but the term “chick lit” isn’t my favorite, and “nonviolent fairytale romance” is a mouthful. So I’ve settled on “cozy fantasy romance.”

If you think you’d like the beach read Éowyn takes on vacation to the Bay of Belfalas, then my books are for you.

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About me

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I grew up loving fairytales. One of my teenage attempts at writing fiction was a version of The Princess Bride with Buttercup and Westley kissing in every scene (which didn’t work at all). When I returned to fiction writing in 2013, what emerged was like a fairytale, but more lighthearted and with more empowered heroines. Plus love scenes!

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