My debut, The Forest Bride, is here

cover of The Forest Bride showing a drawing of a couple kissing in a forest

Her fiancé was a monster. Her rescuer may be worse.

When Princess Rose is sold in marriage to a repulsive brute, only one person can save her—Prince Dustan, the suitor she hoped for, and the one her father didn’t choose. But Rose learns that Dustan harbors a secret: he may not be a prince… or human.

With nowhere else to turn, Rose follows Dustan into the forest. She hopes to hide from both her fiancé and her father. But can Rose trust Dustan? Or will his hidden agenda prove even more perilous than the marriage he helped her escape? Read more.

Fantasy chick lit?

Since I began writing romance, I’ve wondered where my stories fit in. They have a central love story (romance) and they’re set in a fantasy world (fantasy), but they’re lighthearted and not terribly violent.

I found myself thinking, “They’re what fantasy heroines take to read when they go on vacation”—the beach read of the fantasy world. I’m not crazy about the term “chick lit” but “fantasy chick lit” seems like the clearest way to describe my books, or possibly “nonviolent fairytale romance.” If you like Sophie Kinsella novels, but wish they had fairies and magic in a fantasy world, then my books are for you.

A fairy tale with benefits… download now

Cinderella in a white gown, sitting in a shabby room, gazing as if daydreaming

Ella’s desperate to see Prince Char one last time before his mother forces him to marry. But the magic spell that wove Ella’s gown and created her horse-drawn coach expires at midnight. She needs to hustle or she’ll be walking home in rags.

Char intends to marry Ella, rags or not. He’s eager for a tryst in her mysterious pumpkin-shaped coach. But when they lose track of the time, things get a bit… sticky.

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About me

vintage drawing of Cinderella sitting by the fire in a dreary kitchen, looking at her one glass slipper

I grew up loving fairytales. One of my teenage attempts at writing fiction was like a version of The Princess Bride with Buttercup and Westley kissing in every scene.

When I returned to fiction writing in 2013, what emerged was like a fairytale, with two differences:

  1. My stories don’t end with only a kiss, and
  2. I’m interested in plots that empower my heroines.

Read more about my mission as a writer.

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