The Forest Bride (Sylvania Book 1)

The cover of The Forest Bride, showing a drawing of a couple kissing in a forest setting

He saved her life. Now she’s wondering why.

Rose will never escape the castle. The guards have caught her every time she’s tried. After thirteen years imprisoned in her tower, she’s resigned to her fate of an arranged marriage to a vain, tiresome, and/or brutish prince. Until she meets Dustan.

Dustan isn’t like the other princes who’ve come. He’s kind and asks Rose her thoughts. But Rose discovers that Dustan harbors a secret—he may not be a prince… or human.

Too soon, her father chooses a different suitor, a sinister one with a wicked plan. After Dustan saves Rose’s life, she follows him into the forest. Rose hopes to hide from both her fiancé and her father. But can she trust Dustan, or does he have a hidden agenda—or does that even matter, if they’re falling in love?

The Forest Bride is a light-hearted romp on the romance end of the fantasy-romance spectrum. If you’re a fan of Kerrelyn Sparks’s How to Love Your Elf or you’ve imagined an adult Ella Enchanted who makes love with Prince Charmont, The Forest Bride is for you. Note: The Forest Bride contains love scenes—if you don’t want to read love scenes, please check out the PG version.

cover of The Forest Bride showing a drawing of a couple kissing in a forest, on a tablet and a paperback

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The Village Maid (Book 2—coming in 2021)

Avi might lose her heart—if she doesn’t lose her life.

illustration of a morning glory

Avi was a castle courtier. How did she end up a laundry maid? The blasted revolution, that’s how. Now she toils to pay the rent, and her only friend is Thorn, a quiet, unassuming fairy.

When pirates swarm the village, Avi fantasizes that they’ll snatch her away from her life of drudgery—until they take her hostage to use as a guide to the castle treasure. Only one person cares enough to come after her: Thorn.

Suddenly Thorn’s not all that quiet. Can his magic save them? If not, Avi better find a way to rescue them both.

The Village Maid is equal parts romance, fantasy, and women’s fiction, like the beach read of the Enchanted Forest. If you like Sophie Kinsella novels, but wish they had fairies and magic in a fantasy world, then The Village Maid is for you.

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