Her fiancé was a monster. Her rescuer may be worse.

When Princess Rose is sold in marriage to a repulsive brute, only one person can save her: Prince Dustan, the suitor she hoped for, and the one her father didn’t choose. But Rose learns that Dustan harbors a secret: he may not be a prince… or human. Can Rose trust Dustan? Or will his hidden agenda prove even more perilous than the marriage he helped her escape?

drawing of bouquet of roses and peonies with butterflies

Part fairy tale, part social revolution, The Forest Bride follows the imprisoned princess Rose as she’s enchanted by one suitor, kidnapped by another, and eventually freed to find her own way outside the castle, where she sets about rescuing those in need, overthrowing the monarchy, and finding her way back to her true love.

I’m still searching for ideal comparable titles for The Forest Bride. The closest I’ve come are Grace Draven’s Radiance, Jeffe Kennedy’s Mark of the Tala, and Miranda Honfleur’s No Man Can Tame—but with less darkness and violence—or a cross between Sarah J. Maas and Ella Enchanted. Another possibility is Naomi Novik’s Uprooted, although that book is closer to the fantasy end of the spectrum than the romance end, and my story is the opposite.

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