PG Versions

PG Versions

Inspired by family and friends who “aren’t really into the steamy stuff,” I created a PG version of The Forest Bride and its sequels. They are still kissing books! They have all the action and adventure of the full version, but I’ve rewritten the love scenes to remove the details and more explicit wording.

Links to buy the PG version are below. (Don’t click on “Links to buy books” in the right sidebar.)

How to identify the PG version

  • The sales page will have “The Forest Bride PG” as the title
  • The cover will have a “PG version” seal
  • The ISBNs are different
  • The copyright page will say “This book is the PG version” after the ISBN list

Purchase The Forest Bride PG version:

ISBNs: 978-0-9778068-6-7 (print) or 978-0-9778068-7-4 (ebook)

Purchase The Village Maid PG version:

ISBNs: 978-1-957350-04-2 (print) or 978-1-957350-05-9 (ebook)

Purchase The Ocean Girl PG version:

ISBNs: 978-1-957350-06-6 (print) or 978-1-957350-07-3 (ebook)

The PG version of a new release should be out a few months after release day. I create this version later because it’s too easy to mix up the files when I do both versions at once. (Also, the staff at Amazon mixes them up.)

I published the sequels only at Amazon, but if you’d like to see this version available elsewhere, please let me know.