PG Versions

PG Versions

cover of book The Forest Bride showing a drawing of a couple kissing in the woods; there is a circle with the words "PG version" in the bottom corner

Inspired by family and friends who “aren’t really into the steamy stuff,” I created a PG version of The Forest Bride. It’s still a kissing book! And it has the action and adventure of the full version. I’ve rewritten the love scenes to “fade to black,” with the story picking up after the steamy parts are over.

Links to buy the PG version are below. (Don’t click on “Where to buy” in the right sidebar.)

This is a bit of an experiment, so if you read the PG version and have thoughts, please feel free to let me know.

How to identify the PG version

  • The sales page will have “The Forest Bride PG” as the title
  • The cover will have a “PG version” seal
  • The ISBN is 978-0-9778068-6-7 (print) or 978-0-9778068-7-4 (ebook)
  • The copyright page will say “This book is the PG version” after the ISBN list

Where to buy the PG version