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Write to me at the following addresses:

Emily Jane Buehler
P.O. Box 1285
Hillsborough NC 27278

“Jane” is the pen name I use for my romance writing. You can learn more about my other pursuits at

I started a book club! It’s for sharing about cozy fantasy romance novels. It’s a private group on Facebook, here: (I check it about once per week)

Find me on Twitter/X (formerly my least hated social media platform, but lately I’m struggling to open the app): @ephemerily

Find me on Mastodon (not active yet): @

And on Blue Sky (also not active yet, but I’m hopeful this will take over for Twitter someday): @ephemerily

My author page on Facebook (not active at all):

I’d like to have a nice place to engage with other readers and writers online, but social media has not really blossomed for me. If you’ve got any suggestions, please let me know.

And finally, the mailing list on this website is for information about my romance writing. Subscribe for occasional inner thoughts and writing updates.

Here are links to my author profiles on various platforms:

On Goodreads:

On The StoryGraph (a less interactive but super nice Goodreads alternative):

On LibraryThing (honestly, this one might be my favorite; the site looks dated but it’s very well run):

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Here are some links to cozy fantasy romance recommendations:

I made this Cozy Fantasy Romance list at to track books that meet my definition of the term. They’re set in a fantasy world, they have a central romance, they have little to no violence, and they are not stressful to read:

I made a second list, Almost Cozy Fantasy Romance, to track books that didn’t quite fit the description for me, but that some people might consider qualified:

And here’s some press:

My entrepreneur profile (!) in a local magazine (pp. 24–27, 40–41, 52–53; May 2024)

My presentation about my author experience for Romance Awareness Month (August 2022)

Sarah Wendell interviews me on Smart Podcast Trashy Books (March 2022)

Angie McMann interviews me about The Village Maid (February 2022)

Angie McMann interviews me about The Forest Bride (December 2020)