Meet Jane

Meet Jane

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I write sexy fantasy romance stories that are sweet according to the traditional meaning of the word. My love scenes never “fade to black,” and they are always consensual and free of violence.

When I first thought of writing a romance novel, my goal was to write as many love scenes as possible. (After all, they’re the best part!) But, I didn’t want the love scenes to become boring. I’d never read many romance novels, and never written any fiction, so the task was a challenge to myself. I expected I’d run out of steam after a few chapters. Instead, I wrote a novella and saw how much fun writing romance was.

I’ve since modified goal. I strive to write readable books with believable feelings—I don’t enjoy “instant love” between characters who’ve never spoken, or bizarre anger-attraction combos where the characters’ feelings toward each other flip crazily back and forth. The setting may be a fantasy, but the emotions and growth should always be relatable.

Although they’re getting to know a romantic interest, my protagonists will discover their own strengths and end up empowered. I’m committed to avoiding romance genre tropes that degrade women, and hope my readers will call me out if I slip up and fall into any unempowering stereotypes. I believe that stories can create positive change in our world, and see no reason why the romance genre cannot participate.

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Characters in my stories often struggle to believe in themselves. Whether it is believing they are lovable, capable, or courageous enough to change their situation, they will gain the confidence they need as the story progresses. While everyone loves a romantic rescue, I’d like my heroines to also find their own way out of trouble and participate in making the change they need.

The themes in my stories are rooted in my own struggles to believe in myself. I was single for decades and have had a long (and ongoing) journey to discover my strength and believe I am valuable. Years ago, after self-publishing a how-to book on bread making, I thought I might someday write a self-help book with a chapter for each major crush I went through in my life. I decided that writing romance novels would be a more fun way to share my experiences.

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Me and Scruffy

I live in the historical, writer-filled town of Hillsborough, North Carolina. When I have any free time, which is not often, I like to hike with my partner, write letters to old friends in the Cup A Joe downtown, sit on the front porch with the cats, or listen to podcasts to make mowing the lawn bearable.

“Jane” is my middle name and the pen name I use for my romance writing. You can learn more about my other pursuits at